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An Animal Liberationist in the Great Deku Tree

For some time, I’ve been planning an unusual play through of “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.” I call it the Vegan Challenge. As one might expect, the goal is to beat the game while minimizing harm to animals or seemingly-sentient creatures, and using their byproducts as infrequently as possible. In short, no riding. No capturing or hurting…

Pixel Art in Indie Games: Moving backwards on purpose

I’m sure you’ve noticed. It seems like pixel art is a popular element among indie games. The choice to use retro graphics can seem unoriginal at times, no matter how well done the artwork is. With today’s rapid advances in technology, video game graphics are getting more and more lifelike. So why is pixel art so common? Why are…

Emily Is Away Review

Emily Is Away Review – Take a trip back to 2002 Whew. Don’t get me wrong, Emily is Away is a fun, nostalgic concept. You play as a character in a simulation of AOL Instant Messenger, chatting with your friend Emily. The game itself has five levels, and each level is made up of a single conversation a year…

Andromeda: An Intergalactic Planetary Game

Andromeda Game Demo First Impressions Long after life as we know it has been forgotten, Humans may see a time when visiting the stars and local galaxies are a reality. A new era of existence will be unlocked as a final frontier is set to be discovered by a curious Hominid from a little blue planet. New dangers and…

Rumpus: An Homage to the Couch-Crowding Beat ‘Em Ups (Demo)

Intro / Story Rumpus, a game developed by PolyraptorGames, is a 4 person, local multiplayer beat ‘em up that pays homage to the classic games that created the genre. The game focuses around contestants that are trying to win a competition of skill and wit, hosted by Mr. Rumpus himself. Although the game still has some development before it’s…

Terraria Review: More Ore than you can handle!

Intro/Story Terraria, a game created by developers Re-Logic, Head-Up games and Engine Software, doesn’t care to explain itself. But would rather have you discover for yourself what lies beyond your map as you begin. Don’t let this outward appearance fool you, this game is rich in exploration and action. It starts off a bit slow but steadily increases the…

Are Retro PC Games Making a Comeback?

Some of today’s most popular PC games were actually created years ago. At the very least, they make heavy reference and draw inspiration from retro titles. While most video games today are characterised by their realistic graphics and sophisticated gameplay, more and more gamers are starting to feel a bit nostalgic and are going back to their simplistic gaming…

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