The Death Road to Canada is paved with good intentions (and bodies)

RocketCat Games‘ Death Road to Canada is Oregon Trail meets Left 4 Dead plus a dash of Pac-Man, add mild hallucinogenic. Instead of ghosts and smallpox, though, your main enemies are zombies and interpersonal conflict. You start by designing your character, and pick two personality traits for yourself, with options like “irritability” and “Megabuff.” These traits actually matter, and…

Andromeda: An Intergalactic Planetary Game

Andromeda Game Demo First Impressions Long after life as we know it has been forgotten, Humans may see a time when visiting the stars and local galaxies are a reality. A new era of existence will be unlocked as a final frontier is set to be discovered by a curious Hominid from a little blue planet. New dangers and…

Everything You Need To Know About Trench Run

Retro multiplayer games like TowerFall and Samurai Gunn hit the indie scene in a big way. Providing players with multiplayer nostalgia, fast paced action, endless replay ability, and hours of fun with friends, battle games like these have seen a re-emergence in recent years. The next in this new line of side scrolling battle games is Trench Run by…

Hotline Miami 2 Level Editor Release Date Announced

We Finally Have A Release Date for the Hotline Miami 2 Level Editor The team over at Dennaton Games have announced the release date for the highly anticipated level editor for Hotline Miami 2. The dance-club murder fest  action game has become somewhat of a cult classic in indie and mainstream PC gaming communities for its pulse pounding action, brutally…

Mutant Factions – Top Down Multiplayer Mayhem with Cars and Guns Galore!

Mutant Factions is GTA Style Multiplayer Manslaughter For a long time top down multiplayer shooters have been relegated to sites such as Miniclip and Armourgames due to their flash game-esque graphics. While Mutant Factions is not the prettiest game in the world and will probably never garner widespread acclaim for its art style but its gameplay stands up quite well.…

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