A Robot Named Fight Now Available for Switch & Windows 10 Devices

Matt Bitners 2017 homage and highly acclaimed “metroid-like” A Robot Named Fight has now been released on Nintendo Switch and Windows 10 devices! The Nintendo Switch version contains all features found in the PC/Steam version with support for seeded runs, new weapon and power-up combos, and even a new (secret) ending! More details about the games release are below.

Matt Bitner (Developer, Matt Bitner Games)

“Bringing A Robot Named Fight! to the Nintendo Switch feels like a homecoming in a way. Deep down, I always knew it would end up on a Nintendo platform. The game is a labor of love above all else – a living, breathing homage to the great Metroidvanias of the ‘80s and ‘90s.”


A Robot Named Fight is available on Nintendo eShop and Windows store for $12.99. The game is also available on Steam for $12.99, and the games soundtrack can be purchased along with the game for $13.58, not too shabby!

Get your hands on A Robot Named Fight today!

Ralph is an avid retro gamer and indie game aficionado from New York. NES titles like Contra, Metal Gear, Shatterhand, and Metroid were the first games he ever played and he's been hooked ever since. In his free time he plays guitar, steam games, and writes for His Twitter handle is @ralph_durso where he tweets about his favorite indie games.

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