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Read our latest game developer interviews from the best upcoming indie game studios. If you are an indie game studio and would like an interview with RETRONUKE, then click HERE to fill out our quick Q & A google form. Once submitted we will reach out to you via email with some additional questions for more clarity. Learn more about the creators behind the retro indie games that you love! Find out which games inspired them to get into the industry, which are their favorite retro games, and what games they are playing now. If you are looking for the best insight into the game studios you follow, then read our game developer interviews below!

prince 4000

Interview with Game Dev Ourotorrus – Creator of Prince 4000

While I was out surfing the tweetosphere looking for exciting new content and games to report on, I came across a curious little indie creation called Prince 4000 by sole creator Ourotorrus. If I was forced to give Ourotorrus’s game an analogy, at first glance, I would have to say Prince 4000 looks like a steroid induced jacked up…
paba games

Paba Games Studio Interview with John White

Today I was fortunate enough to have a chat with Developer John White of Paba games. He is the lead developer of Mogwash, a new retro golden age platformer that pays homage to classics like Commander Keen, and the original Duke Nukem….with a colorful twist. John is also the co-creater of Jasper’s Journey, a whimsical platformer that has players…
siactro game studio

Siactro Games Interview

Today i had the pleasure of speaking with Marcus Horn, lead developer of Siactro games to talk a bit about his studio and his current indie game projects. Learn more about Siactro games and what inspired this late 90’s gamer to get developin’! 1) RETRONUKE: So Marcus, how did Siactro come together?   Marcus Horn: I met Jay (my…

Horrible Unicorn Game Studios – Game Developer Interview

Horrible Unicorn Game Studios Interview This week I was lucky enough to have a chat with the indie game development team Horrible Unicorn Game Studios about their new pixelated action adventure game Legacy of the Copper Skies. The team was so friendly and had some great insight to share about being an indie developer, their new game, crowdfunding, and what retro/indie…
pixeljam studios banner

Pixeljam Studios Interview with Miles Tilmann

This month, we were able to get a great interview with Miles Tilmann of Pixeljam games (creators of Potatoman seeks the troof, Glorkian Warrior, Dino run, Retro Unicorn Attack and more). They are best known for their utilization of pixel art design and retro gaming aesthetics in most if not all of their games. They are true retro game lovers…

Imagos Softworks / Starr Mazer Interview

Last week I had the pleasure of speaking with Don and Alex of Imagos softworks about their new SHMUP / Adventure game, Starr Mazer. Starr Mazer combines two genres that we haven’t seen before and looks beyond awesome! Check out the Starr Mazer Kickstarter and help get this game created so everyone on this planet (and others) can enjoy it! Starr Mazer Interview RETRONUKE: When…

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