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If you just finished a brand new indie game and want to help spread the word about it, no sweat! The writers at are always accepting indie game submissions for review! It doesn’t matter if your game is in beta, has just been launched on Steam Greenlight, is a new Kickstarter project, or is already available for purchase! Our goal is to connect fans of indie games with the retro games that inspired them! If you’re ready to submit a game for review please do read the criteria below before doing so. One of our writers will respond with a follow up email detailing our process and what we would need from you to get started. Some additional details can be found below.

How to submit a game for review

When you are ready to submit your indie game, please include the following information –

  1. Name of your game studio.
  2. A press kit.
  3. Link to a game demo, or Steam key.
  4. Game trailers, gameplay footage, and photos of your game.
  5. Details about release dates, Kickstarter progress, or any development progress you have made.
  6. Any website or social media accounts where fans can learn more about you.


Our website focuses mainly on video games designed with pixel art or designed using retro gameplay aesthetics. If you just created a modern 3D first person shooter, in all likelihood we won’t cover it here. Our content and community is around the celebration of retro games created by modern indie developers, if you’re game doesn’t make sense in that regard, it is up to us to determine weather we can cover it.

Send all game submissions to retronukeblog[at]gmail[dot]com

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