Haque Game Trailer [2017] – SuperTry Studios

Haque [official site] is a fantasy rogue-like dungeon crawler rpg with an interestingly pixelated game design. The games successful Kickstarter generated over $6k and was published on Feb 23rd 2016. Haque takes elements from old school rpgs like Shining Force and adds roguelike elements for unlimited replay ability. Through tactical turn-based battles players will grind through dungeons full of enemies, picking up new weapons and items, gaining magical spells, and trying to uncover the mystery behind the darkness that has befallen your precious land. Story isn’t the main point of Haque. It’s endless array of randomized characters to choose from, tons of unique enemies, and procedurally generated maps keep the action and fun, interesting and fresh for hours on end. If you’re looking for a fun dungeon crawler with a flair for the nostalgic then check out the trailer for Haque below!

Haque is available on PC, Mac, and Linux.

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