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Get the latest indie game news updates on the best 8 and 16 bit games today! Here you will find the most recent news updates from brand new indie games created using pixel art, retro aesthetics, or with old school gameplay. Learn more about indie game release date announcements, Kickstarter campaign launch dates, game development updates, game jams, convention info and any other indie game news worth sharing! If you have any indie gaming news worth sharing, feel free to shoot us an email and give us a heads up! We work tirelessly to bring our community the most up to date & relevant pc game news so you find the best indie games to play!

a robot named fight indie game review

A Robot Named Fight Now Available for Switch & Windows 10 Devices

Matt Bitners 2017 homage and highly acclaimed “metroid-like” A Robot Named Fight has now been released on Nintendo Switch and Windows 10 devices! The Nintendo Switch version contains all features found in the PC/Steam version with support for seeded runs, new weapon and power-up combos, and even a new (secret) ending! More details about the games release are below. Matt…

Three Smart Ways to Get Your Gaming Events Sponsored

Shows like “King of Kong” have sparked interest in the retro and arcade games of old. The world of eSports is fast-growing, and teams just now starting out face an uphill climb. Luckily, there’s still plenty of room for new stars on old cabinets. If your crew is ready to up their game and become stars at the local,…

Long Awaited Mega Man 11 Announced, Coming to PS4, XB1 & Switch in 2018

After years of waiting, Capcom has officially announced a late 2018 release date for Mega Man 11. For many, many fans of the franchise, it is a long time coming. The last flagship game in the series, Megaman 10, released all the way back in 2010. And while we’ve seen a few spin-offs, mobile games, and anniversary re-releases since,…
nes maker make nes games with ease

NESMaker Kickstarter – Make NES Games With Ease!

It’s a great time to be alive and making games people! Retro game developer New8BitHeroes’ NESMaker Kickstarter has, at time of writing, reached $172,000 of its £23,000 goal. What can you do with NESmaker? Design sprite graphics and color palettes that are automatically constrained to the NES limitations. Create assets with properties and behaviors to give developing for the…
evolution of video games

Games Are Changing: The Evolution of Video Games

By Avery Philips Do you remember your first video game? I do. My father let me play his 1989 original Game Boy when I was probably four or five years old. My favorite game was Super Mario Land, while his was a golfing game I found to be boring. By this time, however, my father was almost forty so…
fez indie game

Simplicity is King: And It Makes Innovation Easier

By Avery Philips We’ve covered the topic of simplicity before at Retronuke, and how it makes games great. In this article, we’re going to dive even deeper. As the way we game evolves, with  people spending more time on mobile devices than ever before, simplicity becomes that much  more important just for the format we’re playing on! For desktop…
hyper light drifter cutscenes

How to beat all the Bosses in Hyper Light Drifter [Boss Guide]

Hyper light drifter is a delightful yet punishing action RPG developed by Heart Machine which debuted back in 2016. Since its release, fans have not been able to get enough of the games incredibly beautiful pixel art design and high action “The Legend of Zelda on crack” style of gameplay. If you’re playing through Hyper Light Drifter right now…

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