NESMaker Kickstarter – Make NES Games With Ease!

It’s a great time to be alive and making games people! Retro game developer New8BitHeroesNESMaker Kickstarter has, at time of writing, reached $172,000 of its £23,000 goal.

What can you do with NESmaker?

  • Design sprite graphics and color palettes that are automatically constrained to the NES limitations.
  • Create assets with properties and behaviors to give developing for the NES an object-oriented feel, similar to modern tools such as GameMaker and Unity.
  • Use a text editor to create text strings for NPCs or other narrative devices your game might have.
  • Create *special screens* like start screens, end screens, menus, maps, and more.
  • Customize AI
  • Set initialization parameters (items obtained, player strength/defense, starting screen, etc) for easy testing.
  • Use the base engine to create adventure games, basic RPGs, basic platformers, basic brawlers, and several other types of games.
  • Assemble with one click for testing in an emulator.
  • Flash to cartridge in one click for play on actual hardware.

What you get

For $88 you can get the NESmaker Toolkit which nets you the:

NESmaker software, a Kazzo usb cartridge cart flasher, and a blank, reflashable cartridge. This provides all of the software and hardware you need to make your NES game!

Or, for $36 you can pick up the software and get the hardware at a later date.

So far they’ve smashed their stretch goals and will include:

  • Adventure Module
  • Platformer Module
  • RPG Module
  • Brawler Module
  • Shooter Module
  • Troll Burner Demo
  • And a Music Maker

It’s likely going to be a long time coming before release (and as always there is the Kickstarter disappointment risk) but I’m excited and if you’re a fan of retro then you should be too!

At time of writing there are 18 hours left on the clock, so get in quick if you want to snag a copy cheap!

Freelance writer and game developer, Anna loves to create but is burdened with a short attention span so has a dozen projects spinning like plates. When she gets the chance Anna can be found putting herself through hell in Rimworld or They Are Billions.

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