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RETRONUKE is a video game blog that covers the latest 8 or 16 bit indie games released today. We grew up on the pixel art games of the NES and Sega Genesis, and created RETRONUKE to connect with fans that share the same passion for retro gaming aesthetics! Here you can find the latest game reviews, news, trailers, and screenshots of the games you really want to play!  If your a fan of retro and indie gaming, or a developer, then hang out for a while and check out some of our latest content, leave a comment or follow us on Twitter or Facebook!

Reviews for Games:
If your an indie game developer and want to spread the word about your new indie game, please send us an email with details about your game (media kit, game demo, links, etc) and we’ll do our best to cover it here.

Disclaimer – All indie game reviews on are written without the influence of publishers or game dev’s. Objectivity without bias or influence is our goal. Though we may occasionally receive game demos to try out for the sake of writing objective reviews, this does not skew the quality of the information presented on our website. Our writers are experienced gamers with years of journalist merit behind them. Bringing you, the fans, the highest quality of indie gaming news and reviews. We aren’t paid for our content, so rest assured that the opinions expressed are that of the writers and nothing more.

Game Developer Interviews:
We love chatting with indie dev’s and have done many interviews with game studios over the years! Click this link to participate in our game developer interview (google form) –

Upon completion please send an email with team photos, studio logo, and/or screenshots of the game you are working on to retronukeblog[at]gmail[dot]com to finalize the interview.

Writers/Contributors: Writer spots are available to anyone who would like to be a part of the RETRONUKE team. If you share a passion for writing about retro indie games, just send an email to the address below with your contact information and we will work to get you set up.

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