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Got an itch to write about indie games? Why not submit one to RETRONUKE? We are always looking for new contributors with a knack for writing and a passion for all things indie. If you’re looking to get started out as a gaming journalist, shoot us an email! Our guidelines below explain our requirements for article submission.


At RETRONUKE were all about pixel art indie games. Whether they’re new indie games or retro games from the 80, and 90’s, we have a real passion for this style in gaming. Our goal is to be the top source for pixel art games and introduce retro gaming fans to indie games they might like.


We give our writers a ton of creative freedom. If you want to write about a specific game you’ve played recently, about the gaming industry in general, about an up and coming studio, or just review a game, everything’s welcome.


Post Submission Options:

  1. Write a video game article and just send it to us via email. We will reply once we receive it and again when it’s been posted.
  2. Request something to write about. One of our contributors will get back to you with a few ideas.


Post Types:

  • First impressions post – Watch a let’s play, trailer, or research a game that will be coming out soon. Give your first impressions of it.
  • Game Trailer post – Write about a specific game trailer that you’re interested.
  • Review – An editorial steam key can be provided to you. Either you can reach out to the developers directly on RETRONUKE’s behalf, or we can do it for you
  • Developer Interview – We have a Google form in our game developer interviews section of the site which you can use. Or you can create your own tailored questions.


Steam/DL Keys:

We can send steam keys/download keys for specific games for review as soon as you’re ready to get started. I can also send you a list of games so you have stuff to choose from. Honestly though, if you already have reviews in mind for a game that would make sense for the site (and we don’t already have a post for it) the go for it! Were super open and want to give our writers a free platform in which to get their writing out.


Review format:

We don’t have a hard format; if you look at our posts a lot of our writers tend to structure their reviews like this – intro, story/characters, gameplay, controls, music, design/graphics. Some of our writers also just write a general overview with their opinion on different aspects of the game which is fine too.

All posts must include:

  • Article content (in a WORD DOC).
  • Catchy Title
  • Heading tags (including subheaders)
  • Game images
  • Embed video


Article length:

We don’t necessarily have a length requirement either. Ideally we’d love all of our posts to be at least 500 words, or to exceed 1,000 but this isn’t necessarily a requirement. I think what’s more important than length is the quality of the post, if it offers a unique perspective, and is fun to read.

Author Details:

We will need –

  • Author bio
  • Image or avatar
  • User name – this can be your real name if you like, or not. Just let us know.



We promote all our content for you on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, but feel free to share any articles from RN on your social media sites, forums, reddit etc as well.

  • Sharing our posts in forums, press kits, and on social media is great for writer exposure and for creating conversations around your content.
  • Sharing your posts with the developers that created the games on social media is encouraged and helps get your name out there.


Articles containing links to irrelevant or suspect websites are not acceptable and will not be published.

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