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best nest box and cover art

Top 20 Nintendo (NES) Box Art

For many, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was one of the first game systems they owned. After the success of Atari and the unfortunate issue plaguing video game systems in the early 1980’s, NES was poised to either elevate the video game industry or put the last nail in its coffin. Due to a smart marketing idea of rebranding…
retro city rampage

Then and Now: Indies Revolutionizing Retro Genres

A few things never seem to go out of fashion: Mountain Dew, Cheetos, video games and shoehorning romance or social options into farming sims. Modern indie titles are bridging the technology generation gap, giving 30-somethings who fondly remember the Nintendo Entertainment System and its spinoffs bonding opportunities for the nerds and their geek spawn. These new indie games are…
writing a video game story

How to Write a Good Story for your Indie Game: 5 Steps

You’re an Indie who wants to tell a story within your game. Where do you even start? I’m Edwin McRae, an Indie veteran narrative design, and here’s some things that I’ve found useful. Start with what’s actually going to be in your game. You don’t need a creation story. You don’t need to know how the ancient empire rose…

Want to be a Beta Tester? You Need to Read This First

Article by Monica Mizzi Beta testing computer and console games can be a lucrative job – not only do you get to test games before they hit the market, you can earn some sweet moolah for your efforts. While you may think your responsibility rests solely on giving honest and constructive feedback, you will likely have legal obligations to…

Animator Recalls Development of Conker’s Bad Fur Day

Louise O’Connor worked as an animator and voice actress on Conker’s Bad Fur Day, the 2001 game which combined a child-friendly veneer with bawdy, referential humor in the vein of South Park and Eminem. Originally released for the Nintendo 64, the title has become more than just a cult classic — it’s known as one of the best games…

Games and e-Literature

Revelations through e-literature If somebody asks you to define e-literature and you don’t get much further than ‘literature that is electronic’ or ‘literature with a computer component’, don’t feel too bad. Electronic literature is one of those strange areas that most people don’t know much about. Heck, though the e-literature collection by has more than 60+ titles for…

Virtual Reality Sickness casts a shadow on the video game industry

The term cyberspace was originally coined in William Gibson’s 1984 book Neuromancer. It depicts a user entering a digital world and interacting or manipulating the data within it. Today, humanity is closer than ever to this depiction now that virtual reality can be experienced by simply walking into any local Best Buy. Recent History of VR Technology Virtual reality…

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