Depth of Extinction Demo Review

They say that electronics and water don’t mix, but this is an exception. Depth of Extinction is a turn-based RPG with some rogue-like elements. This game is currently in beta, but you can download what is probably the most generous demo I’ve ever played. The six hour long mini campaign really shows a lot of promise for the full release, and I would even argue that it could be released as a small game in its current state.


Humanity has been forced to live underwater. Also, you have to fight evil robots. This seems like a bland plot, but that’s not what this demo is about. It was intentionally made to show off Depth of Extinction’s gameplay without giving away much of the story. Judging this game by its story at its current state would be unfair.

depth of extinction gameplay


When you start a new game, you can recruit up to three troops. Names and character sprites are somewhat randomized, and you can keep hitting randomize until you get a combination you like. All troopers start with the same stats, but there are two types of troops: humans and androids. You can give your troops items to hold before you go into battle. There are agility and defense boosts, but there are two kinds of health: oil, which is used by androids, and a pill, which is used by humans.

depth of extinction tactical combat

You take your characters through missions that you choose based on the rewards each mission holds. You can try to earn power-ups or character classes. Each class gives your trooper a new weapon and some stat boosts, giving your team members value and purpose. Your classless level one troops seem like cannon-fodder until you assign them their own special traits and weapons. All combat is turn-based and on a grid system, and you get two moves per turn. You can move within a certain area to use your second turn for combat, or you can use both turns in one movement to run a farther distance. You use boxes and crates that are scattered across each level as cover, but you can shoot a crate until it explodes and leaves your opponent unprotected. When your troopers bite the dust, you have to recruit new ones to take their places. You can to play smart to level up your troops and stop those evil robots.


It’s a darn good demo. It could honestly work as a full game the way it is now, but I respect that HOF Studios is taking their time to ensure that the game is top-notch before launch. Download it and try it for yourself. You won’t regret it. Strategy fans will complete the six hour demo in no time as they plan and destroy squads of robots, and novice strategy gamers will pick up on the gameplay quite easily.

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