Mutant Factions – Top Down Multiplayer Mayhem with Cars and Guns Galore!

Mutant Factions is GTA Style Multiplayer Manslaughter

For a long time top down multiplayer shooters have been relegated to sites such as Miniclip and Armourgames due to their flash game-esque graphics. While Mutant Factions is not the prettiest game in the world and will probably never garner widespread acclaim for its art style but its gameplay stands up quite well.

While Mutant Factions does have CTF and Free-for-all, though under different names, fans of more atypical game modes are in luck with game types such as Checkpoint in which teams race to pick up a battery with one of their vehicles and then complete a lap with it; or Outbreak where you have to run a zombie gauntlet to set off a series of bombs on the map.

The gunplay in Mutant Faction is nice and fluid with my only complaint being that people feel awful bullet spongy which is compounded by the fact that a lot of the more powerful and quick firing guns aren’t terribly accurate.

Speaking of guns there a lot of options and anyone who’s ever played a military shooter will recognize many of the names though due to the top down perspective they all look the same. Kills earn you cash which lets you buy guns. Or cars!

Driving actually feels really nice and drifting round corners while firing missiles from your hood like your James Bond is probably my favorite part of the game. The game also lets you drive a Dodge Challenger, under a different name, which is my all-time favorite car.

At the end of the day Mutant Faction is a solid game held back by a mediocre art style, utter lack of story (I still don’t know why it’s called Mutant Faction or why I’m killing random folk) and the fact that no one is playing it. I had to wait for ages before I could even find a darn game with anyone in it. Keep in mind that this is a free online shooting game and that multiplayer battles will grow as more players join.

At the time of writing this article, Mutant Factions is currently on Steam Greenlight and hopefully this unpolished but still fun gem will get the attention it deserves as a result.

You can download a copy of Mutant Factions for free from the developer’s website.

Sean Couture, an ex Mouthlondon writer, is an avid lover of gaming, anime, and anything cyberpunk who spends his days correcting people on the spelling of both his for and surname. You can find Sean on Twitter @JohnJonhSewing

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  1. Ben says:

    Woo just found this. I made the game. If anyone has any questions I can try help out!

    P.S. We’re already though Greenlight and will be coming to Steam in a few months.

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