The Death Road to Canada is paved with good intentions (and bodies)

RocketCat Games‘ Death Road to Canada is Oregon Trail meets Left 4 Dead plus a dash of Pac-Man, add mild hallucinogenic. Instead of ghosts and smallpox, though, your main enemies are zombies and interpersonal conflict. You start by designing your character, and pick two personality traits for yourself, with options like “irritability” and “Megabuff.” These traits actually matter, and…
i cant escape darkness title screen

I Can’t Escape: Darkness – Darkness Puzzles You

“I Can’t Escape Darkness is the Indie Horror Game Version of Cube” I’ve always loved games that focus on exploration and horror. Titles like Silent hill, Fatal Frame, or Five nights at Freddy’s all have this sick and twisted jump scare component and horror aesthetic that translates perfectly in the video game world. I Can’t Escape: Darkness is another…
the final station game zombies

The Final Station, zombads and trains galore

The Final Station – Locomotive of the Dead I’ve always enjoyed commuting in games. The ability to move around freely without my bank account and I having a falling out is something that’s always been a dream of mine. The Final Station promises to be yet another game in which I get to live that dream. In it you star as…
uncanny valley indie game trailer

Uncanny Valley Survival Horror Game Trailer

Uncanny Valley Game Trailer Overview Three man indie studio Cowardly Creations, have been hard at work on their new 8-bit horror game, Uncanny Valley. Uncanny Valley is a pixelated horror game that looks to differentiate itself from modern titles by paying homage to early survival horror aesthetics. Upon first impression, the game looks a lot like Silent Hill, Lone Survivor & Claire, but Uncanny Valley has…

Lone Survivor Indie Game Review

Retronuke takes you into a brief review of Lone Survivor: Jasper Byrnes ambitious 8-bit survival horror story of a man struggling to survive a plague that has left the people of his city transformed into disfigured horrific monsters. In this game survival is not the only struggle; keeping your sanity is the hard part.

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