Uncanny Valley Survival Horror Game Trailer

Uncanny Valley Game Trailer Overview

Three man indie studio Cowardly Creations, have been hard at work on their new 8-bit horror game, Uncanny Valley. Uncanny Valley is a pixelated horror game that looks to differentiate itself from modern titles by paying homage to early survival horror aesthetics. Upon first impression, the game looks a lot like Silent Hill, Lone Survivor & Claire, but Uncanny Valley has many new and interesting tricks up its razor kissed sleeves. The game features an expansive facility with multiple floors and buildings, all set upon a backdrop of dark halls and nightmarish creatures. Your actions will play a large role in how the story pans out. A “consequence system” is in place that, depending on your choices, will change how the plot unfolds for you and the characters in the game. This leads to uniquely terrifying experiences and outcomes based on the path you choose to take. Your character will have 7 minutes to work their shift and explore the facility before returning to bed. During this time you have the choice to explore freely or to complete the missed at hand. Doing so (or not) may have drastic consequences to you and other people in the story. You will be faced with many challenging puzzles to solve, all while trying to stay alive from various monsters and enemies. Much like the modern Fallout games, Uncanny Valley features individual limb damage, which directly affects movement and stealth aspects of survival. Taking even the slightest damage can impair your character in various ways. For example, if you take damage in the chest area, your character will breathe more heavily, which will allow nearby enemies to hear you when attempting to sneak by. With many ways to handle each horrifying situation, Uncanny Valley is sure to excite (and fright), any newcomers or existing fans of the survival horror genre.

Uncanny Valley seems to have a lot to offer fans of survival horror and if the new trailer is any consolation, we may have a really great horror game on our hands. Uncanny Valley is set for release on April 23rd 2015 on STEAM. Check out the Uncanny Valley game trailer and let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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