Pixel Noir to Re-Launch Kickstarter Campaign


Pixel Noir: The quintessential 16 bit detective style RPG

The SWD Tech game development team has been hard at work on Pixel Noir ever since the project missed its $97,000 goal back in May. An update this morning revealed that the team has been working tirelessly on the game by revamping some of the Pixel Noir’s design, features, art, and concepts. The team has not revealed a date for the release of this campaign as of yet, but has confirmed that it will definitely happen soon.

According to their Kickstarter backer update –

“No matter what, you will play Pixel Noir one day”.

“Pixel Noir is our dream come true. We have a lot of games that we want to make, but Pixel Noir is our baby–It needs to be made and it needs to be played because it means that much to us as a team.”

I love the passion behind this project and It’s great to hear that the team is still forging onward. Maybe with all the hype that was been generated since it’s last Kickstarter, Pixel Noir may have a big opportunity to make waves in the RPG community this time around. 

Update (9/16): SWD Tech games has re-launched its Kickstarter campaign for Pixel Noirl today (9/16). Read more about Pixel Noir’s release here.

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