Shadowrun Hong Kong Breaks Kickstarter Goal in 2 Hours

Shadowrun Hong Kong Breaks Kickstarter Goal in 2 Hours Harebrained Schemes, the indie development team behind one of the most successful video game Kickstarters of all time Shadowrun Returns, is at it again with a new Shadowrun game. This time they’re answering the survey requests of their backers with Shadowrun Hong Kong. An update released earlier tonight revealed that the…

Pixel Noir to Re-Launch Kickstarter Campaign

The SWD Tech game development team has been hard at work on Pixel Noir ever since the project missed its $97,000 goal back in May. An update this morning revealed that the team has been working tirelessly on the game by revamping some of the Pixel Noir's design, features, art, and concepts

Indie Game Screenshot Showcase December 2014

Welcome to the December edition of the Indie Game Screenshot showcase. Here you will find a series of 25 new indie game screenshots from indie projects that are in development or are newly released. Let us know which is your favorite by leaving us a comment in to comments section below!

Bedlam Kickstarter is the chaotic RPG we’ve been waiting for

Get ready to roam the dangerous and harsh wastelands of Bedlam! This new Kickstarter project is being developed by Austin indie dev team Skyshine Games, whose members have worked on many influential gaming and comic projects in the past (Unreal Tournament /Heavy Metal). Using "The Banner Saga" engine, Skyshine Games is working to create a chaotic, post-apocalyptic RPG in…

Hive Jump Kickstarter equals Contra plus Starship Troopers

Hive Jump is created by the guys over at Graphite Lab, and is a 1-4 player (online + local) action platformer where you and your friends control 4 different space marines, enter various alien hives, and mow down those ugly bastards with extreme prejudice. Hive Jumps stylish (and beautifully colorful) pixel art graphics leave nothing but candy for the…

Ghostsong Progress Update

Since I backed Ghostsong a year ago, I have thoroughly enjoyed following Matt Whites progress and development of the game. You can tell with each update that this indie adventure is being worked into something truly magical. The fusion of influences are superb, from the subterranean exploration of Super Metroid to the maddening, yet addictive challenge level of Dark…

Technolust Alpha Gameplay Trailer

Technolust is a first person cyberpunk adventure game exclusively created for the Oculus rift. The game is being developed using the Unity game engine and will be released on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Technolust was successfully funded on Kickstarter on May 10th 2014.

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