Andromeda: An Intergalactic Planetary Game

Andromeda Game Demo First Impressions Long after life as we know it has been forgotten, Humans may see a time when visiting the stars…


Rumpus: An Homage to the Couch-Crowding Beat ‘Em Ups (Demo)

Intro / Story Rumpus, a game developed by PolyraptorGames, is a 4 person, local multiplayer beat ‘em up that pays homage to the classic…

VA-11 HALL-A review

VA-11 HALL-A Cyberpunk Bartender Game: First Impression

VA-11 HALL-A, a game developed by Sukeban Games, is set in a post-apocalyptic world where corporations have corrupted the government, implanting nanomachines in every…


Terraria Review: More Ore than you can handle!

Intro/Story Terraria, a game created by developers Re-Logic, Head-Up games and Engine Software, doesn’t care to explain itself. But would rather have you discover…

The New Age of Pixelated Games

Pixelated Games

With so much noise in the gaming industry, we often forget about the games that inspired what is popular today. The 80s and 90s sparked a creative awakening in video game history that would forever impact the generations of gamers and game developers that followed. With Pixels, platforms, chiptunes, and bright lights, we unlocked the floodgates of our imaginations. Pixelated games helped shape us into the people we are today, and we’re glad they did.

Indie Games Blog is an indie games blog for anyone who remembers what it was like to wake up early on Saturday morning, controller in hand, eyes wide, and mind reeling. Our little corner of the internet focuses on today’s pixel art games. Our mission - to spread the word about the greatest 8 and 16 bit indie games of the modern age. That way, you can play the best old school games, today! Our staff works toward creating a community for those who share the same appreciation for this generation in pixelated gaming. If you love pixel art, bleeps, bloops, rage quit level challenge, and old school nostalgia, then this indie game blog is for you. Join us in our quest to celebrate the nostalgic union of pixel art and modern indie games.

Editors Video Pick


Are Retro PC Games Making a Comeback?

Some of today’s most popular PC games were actually created years ago. At the very least, they make heavy…


RunGunJumpGun Provides…

Hardcore Challenge on Bath Salts Sometimes you…


Andromeda: An Intergalactic Planetary Game

Andromeda Game Demo First Impressions Long after life as we know it has been forgotten, Humans may see a…

VA-11 HALL-A review


VA-11 HALL-A, a game developed by Sukeban…


RunGunJumpGun Provides Fast-Paced Hallucinatory Action

Hardcore Challenge on Bath Salts Sometimes you just need a good old fashioned, tough…

the captain game trailer

The Captain Game Trailer By Sysiac Games

Explore The Void of Space in The Captain Sysiac Games latest project called “The…


Wailing Heights Game Trailer by Outsider Games

Looking for a wacky and musical world to explore next time you sit down…

shakedown hawaii

Shakedown Hawaii Game Trailer Released

Shakedown Hawaii Game Trailer – Retro City Rampage gets a 16 BIT Face-lift Vblank…

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