Brad Robbins

Bradley Robbins is an old-school gamer who never lost touch with the gaming scene. From his first ColecoVision to the PS4 Pro, he's always had a love affair with RPG, strategy and fighting titles. With over a decade of experience as a copywriter & blogger, "Scratchpad Brad" is back in the writing game after a few too many years in a cubicle slaving away on a team of overnight search zombies, for real! Catch him on Facebook or Twitter.

Three Smart Ways to Get Your Gaming Events Sponsored

Shows like “King of Kong” have sparked interest in the retro and arcade games of old. The world of eSports is fast-growing, and teams just now starting out face…
retro city rampage

Then and Now: Indies Revolutionizing Retro Genres

A few things never seem to go out of fashion: Mountain Dew, Cheetos, video games and shoehorning romance or social options into farming sims. Modern indie titles are bridging…
t and c surf designs

Town & Country Surf Designs Review: Wood & Water Rage

There are a few iconic sounds that remind you of your favorite games: Mario’s coins and one-ups, Sonic’s rings and drowning music, Joe Cool faceplanting and sliding on the…

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